Fascism, the Presidential Elections, and the Tasks of Revolutionaries


The 2016 Presidential elections are unlike anything this country has seen in decades. The question on everyone’s mind is why, and for those dedicated to making a better world, what is to be done?

Historically, qualitative changes in the the economy brought forth by the introduction of new motive forces have been accompanied by a struggle over how they will be controlled. This is a political struggle. Continue reading “Fascism, the Presidential Elections, and the Tasks of Revolutionaries”


Analysis of Forces: Indispensable to Revolutionary Strategy

In every quantitative stage of development the ruling class creates its own opposition that serves as a means of controlling the working class. The ruling class attempts to corral and dissipate the inevitable upsurges, while at the same time using these upsurges to mobilize and shape these forces to achieve ruling class goals. Their success with this tactic was made possible by the expanding capitalist … Continue reading Analysis of Forces: Indispensable to Revolutionary Strategy

Impulses Toward Third Party Opens Way for New Ideas

The motion toward a third party is part of the splitting, wrecking, and destruction that we call polarization. This third party motion is arising on the basis of the destruction of the capitalist system and the battle to reorganize society around the new means of production. It is an expression of the economic and political process that influences everything else in that general process and … Continue reading Impulses Toward Third Party Opens Way for New Ideas

Solving the Riddle of History

The introduction of labor-replacing technology is destroying value, polarizing society and giving rise to the formation of a new class of workers — the majority of which includes contingent, below-minimum wage and part-time workers. A new section of the working class, they are a new quality within it. Increasingly driven out of the relationship between worker and capitalist, they are forced to fight for a … Continue reading Solving the Riddle of History

Third Party: Breaking the Ties That Bind

The U.S. two-party system that has protected the economy is in crisis and in the beginning stages of self-destruction. The capitalist class knows that it can no longer rule in the old ways. From the state budget battles to the fight for immigrant rights, for decent health care and the protection of public education, to the Occupy Wall Street movement, the American people are increasingly aware that something is terribly wrong. They are demanding that the government solve their problems and they are growing increasingly restless at the government’s refusal to do so. Continue reading “Third Party: Breaking the Ties That Bind”

Third Party: Indispensable Step for Our Class

The fork in the political road that we have referred to so often is clearly coming into view. We can already see the outlines of the coming political struggle. Economic polarization in the extreme is recognized by all and accepted as the foundation for inevitable political polarization. This elementary, spontaneous, semi-conscious political polarization forces the radical or revolutionary organizations to clarify their tasks, goals and … Continue reading Third Party: Indispensable Step for Our Class

Historical Shifts and the Danger of War

The overwhelming aspect in the world situation today is the shifting of economic power from one area of the world to another. It is very difficult to select the essential element that shifts power from one country to another. We are not talking about shifting the power from one class to another. That involves social revolution and is easy to understand. Very often we have to go back in history and discover the levers of change to help us understand this kind of a question.

Continue reading “Historical Shifts and the Danger of War”