Basic Curriculum 2.1

Download the PDF here: BasicCurriculum2_1

This is the latest version of the curriculum. As always our objective is to be simpler and more direct, in pursuit of the more important goal to have a foundation which supports an entire infrastructure of more advanced education.

The primary thought in putting together this curriculum is the burning need for education. What is new is the emergence of new revolutionaries and the possibility of connecting them with the League of Revolutionaries for a New America.

This curriculum has been designed so that no reading before a study group meeting is necessary. All reading is done from the lesson. This is to remove all barriers to participation, whether that’s the chaos of modern life or just unfamiliarity with group study. We see this as an entryway into more advanced study. The curriculum hopefully leads study group participants to immediately want to study its sources, Rally, Comrades! and The Future Is Up To Us.

Lesson 1: What is a Revolution?

Lesson 2: What is Communism?

Lesson 3: What is Democracy?

Lesson 4: What is the new class?

Lesson 5: What is Fascism?

Lesson 6: Political Independence

Lesson 7: Vision

Recommendations for people teaching this curriculum:

  • Read the material aloud as a group. Don’t stop reading for discussion until you come to a discussion question. Then discuss. That is the time for questions or comments.
  • Do your best to keep bringing the discussion back to the key concepts that are at the top of the first page
  • Have copies of The Future Is Up To Us and Rally, Comrades! with you.
  • Make notes on the strengths and weaknesses of the discussion.
  • What parts of this lesson were most helpful in bringing clarity, in raising consciousness? What parts of this lesson need to be improved?